SprayPrinter magic from Estonia



“Here is an unexpected deployment of a phone’s location system to create predefined images on walls (or floors and any other large surface I assume) by linking it with a spray can via an app. The Estonian wiz kids are at an early stages in development with resolution similar to a dot matrix printer and tech specs absent from their website, http://sprayprinter.com. But imagine creating a simple logo or pattern sprayed without much skill needed. Perhaps a proformer could spray pre-defined images as a live audience experience.

According to webzine Designboom: Sprayprinter is a new technology from Estonia, created by a small startup that has come up with a printer that converts digital designs into wall art wirelessly. all you need is to download an application to your smartphone, choose your favourite image, attach the ‘SprayPrinter’ nozzle on a spray can and start printing a picture of you, your cat, your teenage movie star crush or anything you prefer. the product is made up of two modules: the print module and the camera module. the print module is a device that is moved by hand to spray paint on the wall while the camera module is the smartphone, which tracks the position of the printer. the ‘SprayPrinter’ mobile app breaks an image down into pixels, calculates their exact position and tells the printer exactly when to open the valve. the result is an image that is printed on the wall one pixel at a time. the application controls printing of the pixels on the wall, avoiding repeated layers and identifying any missing pixels.

Without the possibility to choose from awesome ready-made designs, ‘SprayPrinter’ would be half of what it is. in addition to the product, there’s a platform that brings together artists and their customers and homeowners. this community enables artists and designers to upload their work and find customers all over the world.

The printer is made up of two modules: print module and camera module, the device is moved by hand while the camera module is the smartphone, which tracks the position of the printer. Choose an image, connect the printer to the aerosol can, activate the can and starting painting and users can choose images from the ‘SprayPrinter’ community or upload their own.


The process for creation:

A) Choose

Choose your favourite image from SprayPrinter application which has endless collection of designs.

B) Create

Connect SprayPrinter with aerosol spray can, activate the application and start painting.

C) Enjoy

Congratulations! You did it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 5.35.34 PM

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g3zg1MKRu4&feature=youtu.be


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